The High Cost of Ignoring SEO

The High Cost of Ignoring SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the best-known practice to pull organic visitors to a website by adopting Google’s recommended practices. Ignoring the most effective marketing strategy, i.e., SEO can result in a loss of thousands of visitors. Loss of visitors lowers the conversion rate of a company in the long run.

Why is SEO Important?

Websites and companies which adhere to Google’s policies get a larger share in organic traffic. 62% of marketers believe that improving SEO for business remains their top priority because users prefer to dig out at the top 5 results. To get benefit from the pattern of behavior of users, marketers aim to rank their websites and webpages at the top five results in SERPs. Companies who rely on conventional paid methods to bring traffic face issues of low profitability and low reach to the consumers in the market. Let’s check out the possible downside of ignoring SEO these days.

Disadvantages of Not Implementing SEO

SEO gives the chance to explore the growth opportunities for your business in the local and international market. Choosing not to use SEO can cost more than losing the expansion opportunity.

Search Engines will Not Index Your Site

There are millions of website on the internet, and most of them use the best optimization practices. Then why would Google consider a website that does not follow its regular protocol? For indexing or ranking a website, Google bots need signals in the form of metadata and codes. In the absence of these, Google bots mark the site as invalid for indexing. Owning a website and not following the optimization protocol does not seem wise.

Loss of Visitors

It is proven that SEO is better than paid ads in terms of ROI and yields 5.66 times more revenue in comparison to paid marketing campaigns. Google has 78.01% of the market share as a search engine, and it is the best means to bring unpaid traffic to a website. Unpaid traffic plays a crucial role in the success of the companies by converting potential customers into real customers.

Your site would Not Get Target Audience

SEO enables the search engines to direct the target demographics to your site. In the absence of SEO, you will get a raw audience which may not bear any fruit for your company. You will also have to find alternate sources for traffic generation because of rejecting SEO as your prime marketing strategy. Besides that, depending entirely on paid traffic or lead generation is not a cost-efficient method as well.

No or Less Competitive Edge

Competitor analysis is the first step in search engine optimization. By ignoring the benefits of SEO, you rule out your chances to compete in the market. 80% of the visitors do not pay attention to the paid advertisements. Even paid ads can’t save you from bearing the high cost of ignoring SEO.

Loss of Google Adsense Earning

By following Google standards, you can enjoy the benefits of unpaid marketing. Besides that, SEO also allows you an opportunity to earn by displaying Google advertisements on your website. Google pays 68% of its Adsense revenue to the publishers approximately. Participation in Google Adsense doesn’t require any fee but only a search engine optimized website. It pays its advertising partners by calculating the impression rate and clicks per advertisement. Without implementing SEO, you will miss your chance to earn a handsome side income.

Loss of Affiliate Marketing Income

Affiliate marketing is a reward-based income model. Affiliate partners display products and services on their websites and earn a proportion of products sold via their platform. 30% of the affiliate partners manage to earn more than $20000 annually. But to get your share of income from affiliate marketing, you have to optimize your website according to Google’s optimization guidelines. You will need loads of traffic to make sales for the affiliate program. Choosing not to use SEO will not let you enjoy the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Bottom Line

You can choose not to implement SEO on your website, but it will bring a lot of direct and indirect disadvantages. These disadvantages will surely hurt the progress of your business.


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