The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization- Part 2

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization- Part 2

Search Engine Optimization is the most appropriate strategy for a company to build an impressive and bright outlook in the market. When a company adopts SEO, it starts to reap its benefits as early as six months.

Benefits of SEO can be categorized as direct and indirect gains. Immediate benefits may include a rise in organic traffic, brand development, and online sales. But what are the indirect benefits of SEO?

Social Promotion of your Business

Satisfied and happy customers work as live marketing campaigns. By customizing the URL of your website and fixing the major SEO issues, it will be easier for customers to share their experience and use your website. Don’t forget that a site with poor SEO can also be penalized by Google, hence losing its visibility and potential leads. Sites shared on robust Social Media platforms have 45% more chance of market penetration.

Knowledge of Competitors

Let’s admit that most of us are not SEO experts, and we have to rely on the information fed to us by them. That’s not a bad thing; an SEO expert knows the importance of SWOT analysis of your business concerning your competitors. By doing this, you can remain a step ahead of your competitors.

Enhanced User Experience

Google SEO aims at the enhancement of the user experience and value for its users. If a website or a business doesn’t seem to add a valuable contribution for the benefit of consumers, Google degrades its ranking in SERPs. Besides that, continuous updates in Google’s SEO requirements keeps the SEO experts on their toes. I guess you got that Google tries to facilitate consumers by updating its SEO practices. For instance, Google’s June 2019 Core update hinted about a change in the algorithm related to Google searches.

Maintenance of Your Digital Assets

In the digital age, you cannot ignore the importance of having a website for your business. A website improves the chances of growth and credibility of a company in the long run.  According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, 41% of small businesses now own a website. Search Engine Optimization fixes the major and minor issues in a site and adjusts it for Google ranking. With time, a website grows and earns trusts of the consumers in the market, becoming an authority.

Implementation of Consumer Feedback

A website is not only a brochure for a company, but it is also an effective means of communication with customers. By having a website, you can develop a feedback system. By the analysis of Google Analytics, you can improve the SEO of your website following consumer feedback. According to Microsoft, 52% of people believe that companies should take action on their feedback.

Development of Digital Profile of a Business

There’s no doubt that companies are paying attention to SEO more than ever. SEO builds consumer trust and online reputation of a company. Online credibility of a business becomes its identity to which customers respond. A robust digital profile of a company brings more leads while fragile online reputation minimizes the chances of expansion of a company.

Online Reviews

According to a research report, consumers feel more comfortable in engaging with a business with a minimum of 40 online feedbacks. According to Harvard Business School, a single raised star at the Yelp can bring 5-9 more sales to a company. SEO as being the prime marketing strategy these days, increases the visibility of a website, thus making it approachable to more customers.

Bottom Line

The most significant advantage of SEO is that you don’t have to run short-lived costly marketing campaigns. SEO may take a little longer than paid marketing campaigns to show its direct and indirect impact, but its benefits are long-lasting.

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