The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization- Part 1

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization- Part 1

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is undoubtedly the backbone for any business and its website. It improves the organic reach of a website hence generating more leads. Without adopting the latest SEO practices, you are taming down the potential of your business. Let’s explore the direct benefits of SEO for your site.

Increased Organic Reach for your Products and Services

The US Census Bureau reports that Online Sales account for 10% of the total shopping in the US. Consumers have started to pay heed on the online shopping platforms, and this number is not going to decrease in the future. If you want to enjoy your piece of cake in the global market, you have to invest a reasonable amount of time and efforts in building SEO for your business.

Real Traffic for Your Website

The ultimate SEO goal for a business is to make itself visible in the Search Engine Result Pages organically. Google is the most reliable search engine among consumers. It’s not surprising that Google accounts for 92.42% of the total share in comparison to other search engines. All of your SEO efforts should be directed to make your website complying the Google standards. Websites and platforms which comply with the Google standards tend to pull more organic traffic in searches. It is evident from research that sites appearing at the top in the SERPs generate 91.5% of their total traffic from Google Searches.


There was an era when companies used to spend big budgets on paid advertisements and marketing campaigns. PPC or pay per click is a quick way to move up in SERPs, but, it doesn’t offer long term benefits as a marketing strategy. Owing to its short-lived effects, PPC doesn’t contribute to brand development. SEO, on the other hand, is a long-term and continuous investment in your digital assets.

Impact of SEO on Purchase decisions

SEO is a long-term digital investment which keeps on bringing the benefits for the companies. According to Hubspot reports, 84% of consumers do not consider an insecure website for purchase, while 90% of online shoppers prefer to do digital research before making a purchase decision. Mind it or not, infamous online companies find it tough to make ends meet.

Visible Increase in Sales

SEO is not a fake fact that you can ignore. According to SEO Tribunal, 61% of companies put real efforts in growing SEO for their companies in 2018. However, SEO does not bear fruits overnight, but companies focusing on SEO have reported a significant rise in their total sales. In a case study by Lyfe Marketing, SEO brought 20000 organic visitors to a website of a small business with an incredible increase in online sales of $96,664.98 in first five months of SEO. I guess it’s your time to consider SEO seriously for your business.

SEO as Marketing Strategy

SEO has uncountable benefits for all of the business. So far, it is the best-known marketing strategy, which is cost-efficient as well. Other marketing campaigns and plans may sound impractical for new blooming companies due to limited financial resources. 82% of marketers have witnessed an increase in the impact of the latest SEO practices.

Why is SEO more cost-effective than other marketing strategies?

Other marketing strategies require the right amount of investment to support traditional and online publicity campaigns, which may not be feasible for most of the small companies. However, for SEO, you only need an SEO expert to kick start your campaign.

Development of Brand and Trust

Google is the new BFF for most of the consumers, and they tend to rely on Google suggestions and results in most of the cases. Companies with a good reputation at Google results generate more leads and earn consumer trust as a reward. This trust leads to the development of a brand over time.

Quick Thoughts

SEO is an opportunity for the companies who want to expand their business at the maximum potential at negligible cost in comparison to other marketing campaigns.

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