SEO Priorities for E-commerce Websites

Search Engine Optimization is so far the most effective means of indexing a website in SERPs. However, doing so is a hard nut to crack due to constant changes in Google algorithms. Unfortunately, Google does not reveal much about its infamous algorithm upgrades. SEO experts are supposed to diagnose and fix sites to fit in these unseen changes on their professional instinct.

SEO For E-commerce Websites

More or less all the sites go through the same SEO procedures, but SEO experts have to design a personalized strategy for better results. Customized SEO strategy, according to the nature of the business, increases the effect of SEO. For e-commerce sites, their core strategy should target the organic traffic and conversion rate.

Keyword Research and Management

Content is one of the prime sources for bringing traffic and leads to a business. The primary aim of keyword optimization is to relate your website and products to the queries on Google. E-commerce sites get 39% of their traffic from searches.

For instance, thousands of queries about “Pizza near me” have been requested in the past days. Now it’s up to you to use that key phrase in your content. All the pages you plan to optimize should contain the relevant keywords. These keywords will help the webpages of your site to pop up in SERPs.

Optimization of Mobile Version of Website

Mobile phones have become a regular part of our lifestyle. In a recent study, it was revealed that people in the US prefer to use mobile phones to spend 51% of their online time.

Living in a world of mobile phones and not optimizing a site for mobile version is unexplainable. Very few websites ignore the importance of mobile phone versions. SEO, if appropriately used boosts conversion rate up to 14.6%. It is inevitable for E-commerce to make their site mobile phone friendly these days.

Importance of Meta Descriptions and Title Heads

After keyword research, gear up yourself for On-page SEO. Addition of keywords to title heads and meta descriptions is one of the most effective tricks. Appealing and unique descriptions attract human traffic. We know Google constantly alters its algorithms, but it always prioritizes the user experience to provide accurate results to its users.

Meta descriptions and title heads work more with the audience than the search engine bots. Attractive captions always pique the interest of the readers and increase the flow of organic traffic. I guess, this is your clue to create eye-catching descriptions for your e-commerce site.

Security of Your Website

Who would want to buy anything from a website that doesn’t follow Google’s security protocols? During a purchase, customers have to add their personal and bank details to the order form. They never dare to engage with an insecure site. Without SSL protocol, you can become a target of SEO spam as well.

Search engines also penalize insecure websites for ignoring security protocols. Your vulnerable e-commerce website will either face the complete blockade or degradation of ranking.

Smart Use of Bandwidth

Google gives limited access to bandwidth to all the sites. However, websites with strong SEO can increase their share in bandwidth. Google bots use this bandwidth as a key to access the webpages of a website. Sites with weak SEO, lose their bandwidth by giving the bots access to less significant pages.

E-commerce sites can have excessive codes and URLs which could create a lot of dead paths. These dead paths must be omitted or closed to save the bandwidth.

Bottom Line

E-commerce sites are at a disadvantage of not taking some parts of SEO seriously. Most e-commerce sites only pay attention to the stuffing of product pages and affiliate links. However, these practices could reduce the revenue of these sites. Only a robust and well-planned SEO strategy can boost the income of e-commerce sites.


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