SEO Copy Writing: The Complete Guide for Begin

SEO Copy Writing: The Complete Guide for Beginners


I can confidently say that SEO copywriters are the best-paid type of writers in the writing industry. The work of an SEO copywriter is to simply help online content rank high in the search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO copywriters mainly help businesses to increase their visibility in the search engines and hence drive more traffic to their sites. This can lead to more sales of either goods or services the business is selling. As you can see, SEO copywriters are very important. Are you a business person and have never discovered this? Then it is time to look for SEO copywriters.

In our world today, competition in business is very stiff. Every business person wants to ensure that he/she is the best. They, therefore, hire copywriters as a weapon of beating their competitors. With this in mind, SEO copywriters are much sought for. When you become an expert SEO copywriter, you’ll not only make an impact in other people’s business but will get a very handsome pay.

Before we go further, let’s have a look at what is the average of SEO copywriters’ salary. According to glassdoor, the average pay of a SEO copywriter is over $69,935. This is with the least paid getting $45,000 and the highest getting $106,000. This is quite huge. Who said that writing does not pay, it pays! Freelance SEO copywriting is one of the ventures that have not been discovered and still marketable.

With all said and done, maybe you want to be an SEO copywriter as a beginner, what would you need? Let’s have a look.

  1. Attend an SEO Copywriting Course

A soldier never gets into the battlefield until he is properly trained and considered worthy for war. We all know that. The same applies not only to SEO copywriting but any other type of freelance writing

There are many courses that offer SEO copywriting training with the top of the art experts in SEO copywriting.  An example of an SEO copywriting course is Inkwell Editorial by Yuwanda Black, a renowned copywriter of all time. However, there are still many courses out there that you can enroll in. At the end of the day, you’ll get something.

These courses will introduce you to the world of SEO copywriting and prepare you for the take-off. You’ll be able to get the in-depth and structured lessons about SEO copywriting that will help as you begin. However, it’s not always a must to attend any SEO copywriting course but it’s convenient. You’re the one who can decide that.

  1. Become an Extensive Researcher

This will apply in two scenarios; if you’ve not totally begun SEO copywriting or if you are just a newbie and you have done a few copywriting tasks.

If you are a total newbie, then extensive research is your tool. You can research to know what copywriting entails and how it’s done. There is a huge wealth of information out there that has never been unearthed. You can do an extensive reading of all copywriting articles and samples to grasp the main points.

When you want to be successful, you can do anything, right? As a beginner, go to the extent of subscribing to free copywriting emails and constantly reading copywriting blogs.

Now, let’s go back to those that have begun copywriting for some time. The main point of copywriting is to promote a product or service (you probably know this at this stage). When you are promoting the product you have to know it.

You need to get all the information about what you are promoting. With a thorough research, you are able to put down all the information that’s required by your client.

  1. Quality! Quality! Quality

To any kind of writing, this is what separates a newbie writer and pro-writer. In SEO copywriting, the worst sin you can ever commit is to deliver poorly written content. You’ll not only disgrace yourself but the copywriting industry.

As a beginner, the quality check is very important. The articles you write should NOT have any grammar mistake or spelling errors. The articles should be well arranged with perfect sentence structures that are easy to understand. My trainer used to tell me that that anytime I try to write an article, I should deliver pure gold. Well, I hope this is pure gold!

Let’s get back. The worst mistake you can make in SEO copywriting is plagiarism. This should be unheard of and unseen in your articles. If you don’t know what this is, let me explain. It’s simply copying and pasting an article from the internet and pasting it in your content. As an SEO copywriter, originality should be the driving force in your articles.

  1. Correct Usage and Placement of keywords

As an SEO copywriter, playing with SEO keywords should be on your fingertips. We said earlier that the main aim of copywriting is to increase traffic on the search engines. If you don’t put the search engines strategically and intelligently, your content will not be visible on the search engines. Retrieving your article will be an uphill task.

Proper placement of the keywords helps to increase the visibility of your article and it’ll be mainly found on the first and second page of the search engines.

  1. Linking of your Content to other Web Pages

As a beginner, you have to ensure that you do this any time you write any content. The search engines are designed in a way that they are connected. To be part of the connection, ensure that you’ve linked your content not just to any web page but, a relevant and high-quality web page.

This is because when you link to low quality or spam websites, your content is also considered to be of low quality and a spam. Linking to other content is described as link-neighborhood and is very essential in SEO copywriting.

  1. Powerful and Killer Headlines

As the name says, headlines are the head of any content. A headline in SEO copywriting is one of the most important parts that should be keenly looked at. A headline is simple and straightforward information of what your content is all about. The headline of your content should be able to grasp the readers’ mind.

This is the first part that users will see when they get your post. It’ll, therefore, determine if they’ll jump into reading your content or pass it.

To pull a reader to take a look at your content can be an uphill task. However, there are some tools that you can use to help you do this. Coschedule headline Analyzer is such a tool.  You just simply type your headline and hit the ‘’Analyze now’’ and t will give you an overall score and even give you more recommendation to make your content better.

  1. Your Content should Profess a good Design

SEO copywriters usually make this mistake and don’t include it on their content. This is very important and it should always be considered.

For now, we all know that copywriters’ work is to promote the products and services of a company. So, even the design of your content should be stellar to attract readers into it. You can use the simple methods like attaching images on your content.

It’s in bad faith when your article is just plain with chunk of words. Yes, you can have the best-written content that can increase the sales. However, nobody will get attracted to your content. The main point of including graphics on the images is to make your content look nice, engaging and eye pleasing. An SEO copywriter must ensure that everything he/she adds to the content is for an increase in sales of the client.

  1. Start Writing

Let me tell you this for free. You’ll only be paid for what I do not what I know.  It is one thing to get all the information you need – which is good – but another thing to put into action what you’ve learned

The old folks said that practice makes perfect. After you’ve internalized all the above steps, the last step is to start writing. You don’t have to necessarily right for clients, you can just write sample content and give it to the best SEO copywriters to analyze it for you. They’ll generously do this and will give you the best feedback.

When you write, you’ll gain more experience and also become an expert SEO copywriter.

Wrapping it Up

SEO copywriting is fun and you’ll love it. There are many copywriting techniques you can use to skin this cat. If you have the chance to speak to these pro and veteran copywriters, they’ll tell you that that was the best idea that they ever made. Apart from getting a handsome pay, freelance SEO copywriting will give you freedom.

There you have it. To all the beginners, I would encourage you not to give up in this. Until next time!

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