Why direct mail works for dentist

Why direct mail works for dentist

Direct mail almost seems like an outdated means of reaching one’s potential customers, and many marketers have given it up;, however, customer acquisition and retention for certain products and services works best via this method. Especially services that are more comfortably performed in the area where the potential target lives yield better results via direct mail. So is the case with direct mail for dentist clinics and in the course of this article we are going to show you why it is so.

When you can touch it, it feels more real

Marketing messages have two main jobs to do – one of them is to communicate what’s on sale and who sell it, and the other, find a way to become engrained in the person viewing the message. And, being able to touch an object, a flier or a mail does a large part of the job of remembering what the message was. Also, when the recipient handles the messages, he has a lot more opportunities to see and interact with the message. Why it works great for a dentist clinic? Because it will be remembered and because when the need be, the person in cause will know what clinic in his or her area to visit.

Accurate Targeting

What is great about direct mail is that you can pinpoint your targets with precise accuracy, and also, the person targeted will not wonder whether the clinic is or is not from the area. The fact that the message was received via direct mail means that it was from the city or area they are from, and that will be a fact that won’t need to be enforced.

There is a lot less mailbox clutter

While there are still sufficient numbers of advertisers that still work via direct mail, they are definitely not as predominant as e-mail spam. As such, receiving a classic mail makes it so that the recipient is more likely to actually see it. The process of sifting through mail per se makes it possible for the dentist direct mail to be seen and considered, whereas, with e-mail, the same promotional material would just go unnoticed or buried in the spam folder.

Direct mail stands out

Whether we do it consciously or not, we all categorize online content as somewhat unreal, or virtual. Therefore, we don’t think of it as seriously as we think about real objects, and that is something that is maintained in online and offline advertising just as well. So, overall, it’s better to receive a real object, as it just makes it all so much more real, palpable and easier to remember and consider for the user.

Direct mail has gotten simpler and more cost effective

By using specialized companies that deliver mail in bulk, using direct mail, while definitely more expensive than e-mail marketing, given the results obtained, it’s definitely worth it. Especially for a dentist clinic, where return business is almost certain, the investment is almost negligible.