What is the Difference Between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

What is the Difference Between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

If you are running your online business or a computer-savvy, you must have heard about the Site optimization tactics and their positive effects. SEO is so far the most fantastic option for your site. There are two methods of SEO, i.e., Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Both of these tactics will increase email subscribers and page viewers as well as boost your income. But Black Hat SEO is not the legitimate way of optimizing your site.

Here, you will learn the difference between the White Hat and Black Hat SEO. Keep reading, If you are interested in learning more about these approaches.

 What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO includes such techniques that are used to get higher ranking by breaking the search engine rules. Black Hat SEO focuses more on the ranking in the search engine instead of the human audience.

Furthermore, it violates Google guidelines, manipulates Google’s algorithm to improve ranking and to exploit loopholes in Google’s algorithm, and aims for quick results without doing much work.

Techniques used in Black Hat SEO

These are the few techniques of Black Hat SEO, which are used to spam the Google Algorithms.

Link Farming

Link farming is also a black Hat SEO technique; a group of websites linked to each other by a service.

Keyword Stuffing

Many newbie bloggers do not give much importance to the keywords and put them anywhere in the posts to get a higher ranking. Keyword stuffing can help you get top-ranking, but it seems that content is written for a robot.

Blog content spamming

It is the most famous Black Hat SEO technique that involves a site posting on other blogs, forums, and wikis. You can observe this in the comment section of an article: an irrelevant comment that promotes a product or service and has nothing to do with the post.

Hidden texts and links

Site owners try to hide the codes in keywords to get high ranking. Such text does not become visible to the readers, but the search engine can easily read and identify these texts. Most search engines recognize such links and documents as spam.


Scraping is used to stealing content from different sites and posting it on a blog as your own. Such material shows plagiarism.

Parasite Hosting

Trying to host websites on a server that is not yours is called Parasite hosting. It is also used to get a high ranking.

Consequences of Black Hat SEO

By using Black Hat SEO, your site can be banned from the search engine. Also, de-indexed for using unethical techniques.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO uses such techniques that focus more on the human audience instead of a search engine. Those who want long term investment on their website use White Hat SEO techniques. A White-Hat strategy has the following criteria.

  • It focuses on the human audience
  • it follows Google’s WebMaster’s guidelines
  • It takes more time than black Hat methods.


White Hat SEOworks according to the Google rules to boost the ranking, and it can put your website in the top ranking as well.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging legitimizes you in the industry as well as open opportunities for backlinks. You can write for other sites as opposed to your site. The links on your guest posts drive more people to your website and create a convenient way to find you a valid source of information.

 Quality content

White Hat SEO aims to produce quality and informative content. Google would place your site on a higher rank if you continued to create helpful content for the people. Furthermore, it is essential to add fresh content regularly.

Internal linking

Internal linking helps to navigate your site on a search engine and will improve your ranking.

Using Keyword

Using keywords throughout the site helps Google to know more about your website. Be sure to include keywords in headings, page titles, and link anchor texts.

Final Thoughts

White Hat SEO is the best choice for long-lasting results. It works for getting better ranking on a search engine while Black Hat SEO works for affiliate marketers but can not give long term benefits while White Hat SEO can give bloggers and online marketers long-lasting results.

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