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SEO, what does that mean to you? For the most people, it is all Greek and doesn't make any sense. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the method of purposefully making changes to a website so that it shows up in the Google search results.
Search Engine Optimization is keyword focused. Basically when done right, your website will be one of the first options people see when they do a search. Lets say you sell window blinds, how much more business would you get if a potential customer does a search for window blinds and you are the first option available?

SEO Tips

We know that if your visible that’s one thing, but if your phone is not ringing or business is not coming through the door, then what good is it. We understand the bottom line is profit and budget. Our first objective is to determine what is important to you. Are you focused on branding or lead generation? Your answer to that simple question tells us what we need to do next.

The name of the game in SEO now is content, is your content informative, engaging, relative, and fresh. All of these have bearing on your SEO. Fresh, engaging content is ranked higher than boring, stagnant content.

When IMI optimizes a site, we consider many different criteria to determine whether a site is fully optimized or not.
Search Engine Optimization


Keyword strategies are based on the type of keyword (national, local, or combinations), number of keywords, and the amount of competition in your target market.
Search Engine Optimization


It is vital to monitor website traffic over time to see patterns and make adjustments to the marketing strategy.
Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Design

Did you know that more then 60% of all website visitors are from mobile phones and devises?
Search Engine Optimization

User Experiece

We look at how much time visitors stay on your site and how many pages they visit. We want to know every step of their visit so we can give them the best user experience.

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Your business is your website and your website is your image. Your digital image is our business.
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See What Our Clients Say

  • I wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you for all you have done for us at K-9 University. As you know, we have been using Internet Digital Marketing since April 2010 with the launch of our new web site . Since then, we have made an update/change to our site, added a mobile site and have retained your services for our SEO marketing. I really appreciate your great customer service and your impeccable quality of work. We have received numerous comments about our websites appearance and ease of navigate. I really appreciate all your hard work and the time spent helping us grow our business.
    President APDT, CPDT-KA
  • I hired Internet Digital Marketing in 2012 to redesign a website and help me with marketing of our Shade Arbors and Patio Covers website. They were extremely professional and communicated with me throughout the entire process. They had said it would take about 3-4 months in order for me to start receiving leads. However, I was starting to receive leads within the 2nd month. Great experience and I would highly recommend this team. Great Work!
    Greg Rice - President
  • Acme Sign Company has been working with Internet Digital Marketing for several years. IDM did a complete redesign of our website and delivered above and beyond our expectations. They are professional, dedicated, and responsive to our ongoing needs. What is particularly exceptional about their team is that they are marketers at heart and understand the commitment to excellent customer service. We at Acme Sign Company highly recommend Internet Digital Marketing.
    Lynn Parkerson, President- Owner
  • Launching our new site with Internet Digital Marketing has been a great experience. They are really there to help both pre-launch and post-launch and have made the whole experience a breeze. Since launching we have already seen a strong increase of brand awareness and an increase in sales. Turnaround was very quick and the quality was beyond what we expected for the price. We highly recommend their serveries!
    Ryan Hilz -Accounts Manager