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You have heard social media is important for your business, but you just do not know where to start. The first thing you need to understand is your business is no longer on an island and you now can communicate regularly with your potential customers long before they walk through your door.Social Media gives you a platform to show your business personality and brand your business in ways never available before. It puts small business on the same playing field as the big boys. Your market is no longer limited to your immediate local area.

Lets explore what social media marketing really is. Simply put social media is the technological version of word of mouth. Social media connects people through the sharing of content and the interaction thereof. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pineterest are just platforms for the sharing to occur. Finally, using these tools to convey your brand, build relationships, and attract business is social media marketing.

Of these businesses, the most common challenges are:

  1. Understanding the potential of social media
  2. Linking social media to impact on company, ROI
  3. Getting the company as a whole to see the value
  4. Staff education
  5. Response time to social media findings
  6. Capturing and analyzing data
  7. Finding qualified staff

Internet Digital Marketing has developed a process that encompasses all of these issues and provides a quality solution.

  1. Before we start any social media project, we scan and evaluate the landscape in your business market. We will show you the potential available.
  2. Every lead generated from social media can have an associated monetary value. We can calculate the potential value through market evaluation and data comparison. Overtime we can determine ROI and compare to our original estimates to evaluate progress.
  3. We will provide training of your staff, if needed, on every aspect of social media interaction including edicate, responsibility, etc.


New Home Builder – 30 New 1st Page Rankings, 60 2nd Page Rankings & Went from 52 homes a year to over 110 per year
National Restaurant Chain – 25 #1 keywords on Yahoo over $2.4 million in sales
Local Laundromat – 15 1st page Rankings & $5,000 in New Revenue per Month
House Cleaner “Start Up” – 20 1st Page Rankings on Google, Numerous 2nd page Rankings & Added 37 new clients in 7 months
Restaurant Chain – 80 + First and second page rankings and over $3 million in new revenue
Automotive Supply Company – First and second page ranking Over $3 million in sales
Medical Service Company – 30 #1 positions in MSN and Google and 2.7 million in new revenue
Jewelry Store – 41 #1 positions in Google, Yahoo! $1.2 million in new revenue
Steel Building Supplier – 290 1st page Google Rankings, 60 new leads per month & $1.2 million in new revenue



Chuck Bratt

President APDT, CPDT-KA

I wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you for all you have done for us at K-9 University. As you know, we have been using Internet Digital Marketing since April 2010 with the launch of our new web site . Since then, we have made an update/change to our site, added a mobile site and have retained your services for our SEO marketing. I really appreciate your great customer service and your impeccable quality of work. We have received numerous comments about our websites appearance and ease of navigate. I really appreciate all your hard work and the time spent helping us grow our business.